First Page Recruitment is a leading professional recruitment firm for the UK Automotive industry.

First established in Cheshire in 2016, our role is to work with Job seekers and employers to facilitate a successful long-term match, bringing employers and job seekers together.

What sets us apart?

  1. A commitment to respect confidentiality of both our business partners, clients and candidates. Respect of confidentiality is noted as being the single biggest reason why our candidates prefer to align themselves with a recruitment arm as oppose to applying directly to an employer.
  2. Industry specialist recruiters
  3. Strength through national ‘on the ground’ consultants in most corners of the country coupled with the strength of a nationally recognised brand.
  4. Strong business ethics mean that we do not proactively market to candidates from our clients and business partners. We’ve been on your side of the desk.
  5. Market leading Job alert, proactive, marketing of active job seekers.